UK Coffee Week

We are in the midst of UK Coffee Week  2016 which means yes you can order up another as it all helps raise funds to support the communities that grow our coffee.  This nationwide initiative encourages professionals in the trade, coffee shops and customers alike to participate in the joy that is that first, second, third coffee of the day whilst raising valuable funds at the same time. Continue reading


How Do You Eat Yours?

Given that Easter is on its way, there are of course an abundance of Creme Eggs around, which I love, and some pretty enticing recipes out there to.  For those of us who aren’t satisfied with just one egg and want to use at least half a dozen in an egg-stravaganza bake up then I’ve sought out a few of my favourites that will indulge that Creme Egg craving. Continue reading

Slogan ‘Teas’

Typography is the new black don’t you know.  Particularly when its monochrome.  Even more when its on a t-shirt or in a frame on your wall, making a statement.  The popularity of the food and drink slogans has grown, so I thought in homage to the tearoom why not flag up my favourites.  And who hasn’t rocked a slogan or two in some way or another. Continue reading