Recipes (Tried & Tested)

I love to try new recipes that I’ve discovered from places I’ve been, through friends and family, from books and blogs or just from searching the net.  So what better way to pass on some of my favourites than through my blog.  Share the love.


Lemon & Rosemary Breakfast Loaf

Whilst honeymooning earlier this year, Mr Tea Room and I spent a couple of days in Lyme Regis on the beautiful Jurassic Coast.  We stayed in the lovely Dorset House, a luxury B&B housed in a Grade II listed Regency villa, overlooking the Dorset coast.  It was here, amongst the tasty wholesome breakfasts, that we sampled the … Continue reading Lemon & Rosemary Breakfast Loaf


Whilst in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago I had a delightful honey muesli trifle at the Cherry Trees Cafe in Padstow Harbour.  I also love Granola so in search of something in between I found this recipe in my lovely Primrose Bakery book that I just had to try! You will need: 170g unsalted … Continue reading Granola

Traditional Yorkshire Parkin

Following my tea room rant on baking disasters last week I had to make a culinary come back.  Given that it’s the week leading up to bonfire night I’m trying my hand at Emma Bridgewater’s recipe for traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake. Since we moved house a couple of years ago I’ve been obsessively buying the … Continue reading Traditional Yorkshire Parkin

Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

This week has been so wet and wild that the only thing for it was to knock up a tasty autumnal soup to warm those cockles!  This Good Food recipe is packed full of curried flavour and super filling.  Serve this with some naan bread for dipping, lot’s of pepper and a swirl of natural yoghurt. … Continue reading Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

Simple Simnel Cake

Seeing as it’s Easter and Ma and Pa Tearoom are visiting, I thought I’d try my hand at a traditional Simnel cake.  The sheer amount of marzipan in and on this cake will be a Dad pleaser for sure while the cake making alone will win over the master of all baking, aka Mum. This … Continue reading Simple Simnel Cake

Summer Spread

This weekend I was planning on another scorcher and preparing for a lovely sunny barbecue in the garden with the girls…and then the rain came.  So an indoor Summer spread it had to be!  These are the recipes I went with for a delicious, healthy mix to graze upon and natter over. Lemon and Garlic … Continue reading Summer Spread

Good Old Victoria Sponge

After the past week we’ve all had it seems a bit trivial to be talking cake but if there’s one thing we can all agree on its a bloomin’ good Victoria sponge.  Ma tearoom has always excelled at this cake so I had a lot to live up to when I made this for friends … Continue reading Good Old Victoria Sponge

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