About Me…

What’s it all about then? My name is Sarah and I spend most of my time dreaming about opening a tea shop and moving to Cornwall.  I am at my happiest sipping a hot cup of my favourite brew whilst still in bed on a lazy Saturday morning.  I am a creative person, working as a designer for many years, with a passion for tea, Victoria sponge cake, cushions, pretty crockery, Cornwall and all things vintage.

Without that elusive pot of gold to make my tea shop dream a reality right now, I thought my little online tea room would make a great platform from which to share regular ideas, inspiration, recommendations and reviews about all the things I love and that one day you might find or chat about in my little tea room.


5 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Kathryn says:

    Wren, you creative bunny this is a pure delight. When your dream tea shop opens I will happily come and be a waitress for you in the holidays. In the meantime this is such a gorgeous blog. One proud Bestie xxxxxx


    • mylittleonlinetearoom says:

      Hi Katie, I will put a great MB tried and tested Victoria sponge recipe up on the blog this week (really easy) that can be used as a base and changed up into a lovely chocolate version. You can also change the flavours of the buttercream to compliment as well. xx


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