UK Coffee Week

We are in the midst of UK Coffee Week  2016 which means yes you can order up another as it all helps raise funds to support the communities that grow our coffee.  This nationwide initiative encourages professionals in the trade, coffee shops and customers alike to participate in the joy that is that first, second, third coffee of the day whilst raising valuable funds at the same time.

The majority of the worlds coffee is grown in whats known as the ‘bean belt’ where access to clean water and sanitation is limited.  100% of the funds raised this week go towards Project Waterfall which works toward bringing these crucially basic needs to coffee growing communities, something us lucky people in the UK take so much for granted.

Helping these communities through UK Coffee Week wouldn’t be possible without the support of coffee sellers and enthusiasts who sign up to take part and some of my Manchester favourites are amongst them.  These include Foundation Coffee House and Takk  in the ever growing coffee culture of the Norther Quarter, the lovely Proper Tea at Manchester Cathedral and Grindsmith espresso and brewbar on Deansgate.  Also participating is ManCoCo Ltd an artisan micro coffee roaster hidden away in the arches near Deansgate locks.

So when one in five of us are visiting our local coffee shop for the third time this week, try and get it from one of the many places championing this great cause.  Celebrate great coffee and help provide clean water to those who need it most.



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