How Do You Eat Yours?

Given that Easter is on its way, there are of course an abundance of Creme Eggs around, which I love, and some pretty enticing recipes out there to.  For those of us who aren’t satisfied with just one egg and want to use at least half a dozen in an egg-stravaganza bake up then I’ve sought out a few of my favourites that will indulge that Creme Egg craving.

Creme Egg Brownies come first, obviously.  This recipe is simple and straightforward with a delightfully gooey outcome.  How about making a Creme Egg, Peanut Butter and Nutella Cake. This is the ultimate combination in a cake, topped off with Nutella Icing no less.

Cadburys Creme Egg Cheesecake, yes please.  This sweet recipe is offset with a zingy twist.  It’s a whopping great cheesecake, not for the faint hearted!  Or try some Rocky Road with the mini versions.

Easter also means hot cross buns, hoorah!  Mix them with creme eggs and try out this Hot Cross Creme Egg Pudding.  Or parcel up some homemade Creme Egg Fudge for your nearest and dearest.





2 thoughts on “How Do You Eat Yours?

    • mylittleonlinetearoom says:

      Hi Helen, thanks for your comment. I’m not totally sure about how to add a link to the image so I’ve removed it but there has always been a link to your recipe page in the highlighted words ‘Creme Egg Fudge’. Thanks again.


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