Shambles Kitchen

So I’ve never been a huge fan of the pulled pork craze until a friend recommended the “most amazing” pulled pork sandwich from the Shambles Kitchen in York.  (Yes I know I’m still banging on about York but I can’t move on until I’ve raved about this sandwich!).

With a sceptical view about how amazing this sandwich would be, (past experiences have given me an unwanted sugar high from an abundance of sickly sweet sauce), Mr Tearoom and I ducked in to this little fast food joint and ordered up their famous special.

Well, within minutes of receiving my pulled pork parcel I had devoured the lot.  Slow cooked for 12 hours, with a secret recipe rub, served on a soft sour dough bun with freshly made slaw and not a sickly sweet sauce in sight!  There are a choice of homemade sauces to choose from however if so desired.  I tried a smidgen of the Apple BBQ.  Yum.

This fast food is lovingly prepared using only the freshest of locally sourced ingredients.  As well as the pork, they serve delicious street food, burritos and soups and even have time to knock up a smoothie and some lovely homemade lemonade.  The menu is fresh, exciting and packed full of flavours.

As if the Shambles Kitchen couldn’t get any better, they only go and plough their profits into setting up student-run smoothie bars in schools, helping young people choose a healthier diet whilst learning about business and enterprise through the Xing project.  Impressed much?  Absolutely.

This tiny kitchen is full of heart and soul, with big ideas, bold flavours and (said friend was right), the best pulled pork sandwich around.



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