Bluebird Tea Co.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I was served up the best Early Grey tea I’ve had in a while, or dare I say ever at Burr Cafe in York recently.  This was the Early Grey Creme blend from tea mixologists the Bluebird Tea Company.

The Bluebird Tea Company is the UK’s first tea company specialising in tea mixology.  The company is young and independent and has won awards for creating new, fun and exciting flavours of loose leaf tea.

They currently have over seventy flavours of tea, mixing up herbs, flowers, fruits, caramels, chocolate and more.  They have teas inspired by cocktails, cakes and desserts and all of their blends are lovingly created by hand.

The literally award-winning Earl Grey Creme tea is a smooth and divine mix of Ceylon black tea, vanilla, cornflowers and bergamot oil.  After a four minute brew this tea is perfect, with or without milk.

The company motto is ‘spreading happiness – one cupful at a time’.  Well Bluebird, consider my cup received.



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