Trof Northern Quarter

Trof in the Northern Quarter of Manchester holds a little place in my heart.  It is a day to night ‘den’ over three floors, that has always served great food.  With a love of music it is a venue for gigs, open mic nights and a good old quiz of course.

Back in the day when I used to venture out on a Friday and Saturday night, Trof NQ was my first point of call as my friends and I would squeeze in amongst the lively crowd and order up a cocktail or three.  This place does laid back cool in typical Manchester style.

These days I’m more of a brunch kinda girl (plus it’s my favourite meal of the day), but no fear, I can still hang out at my old haunt without feeling like the oldest kid on the NQ block.  And they do a bloomin’ good brunch.

Mr Tearoom and I munched away on two of their lovely, locally sourced, brunch offerings on a very lazy weekday morning.  I had the ‘Avo & Eggs’ with added streaky bacon.  This freshly made deliciousness consisted of two poached eggs with avocado (the trend continues), fresh lime and chillies on granary toast.  Mr Tearoom went for the ‘Huervos Rancheros & Chorizo Hash’ – panfried chorizo and potato, poached eggs, hollandaise and fresh chilli on a muffin.  Boom!  We were locked up ’til teatime.

The coffee at Trof NQ is fair trade, sourced and roasted by Cornwall based coffee roasters Origin.  Love you more already.  There’s also homemade cake, wifi as standard and smiles all round.

Trof is a stalwart of the Northern Quarter that has stood strong amongst the comings and goings of its neighbours.  A trusted friend, there to offer you comfort food and a good strong coffee, whether you’ve been supping their bourbon the night before or not.

This place is fine and dandy.



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