Deliciously Healthy

I received my pre-ordered copy of the Deliciously Ella Every Day book this week for some new ideas of the nourishing, natural and non-meat variety.  It’s time to refresh those old favourite lunch and dinners and try out some sweet treats that could actually be guilt free.

My girl crush ensued not only because Ella is a successful blogger, author of a best selling cookbook, Instagram sensation and now co-founder of The Mae Deli in Marylebone, London (note to self: must visit), she’s even got an app, but I was also amazed by her back story.

Having been diagnosed with a rare illness and had little to no relief from modern medicines, she turned to holistic, natural remedies and a complete diet overhaul.  Following a plant based diet and giving up pretty much everything I myself enjoy on a daily basis, (meat, dairy, sugar and wheat), she is healing herself from the inside out.  Pretty astonishing what food can do really.

There is so much emphasis on the art of eating well these days.  I don’t disagree but I’ve always eaten a varied and balanced diet and don’t think a little treat now and again is the end of the world.  However it doesn’t hurt to try something new.  I’m also intrigued to see if I can convert to quinoa, rekindle a friendship with almonds and see if black bean brownies can really float my boat.

So, let’s be honest, I’m not going to be changing my diet completely but am excited to make some substitutions, try new recipes, eat less meat, eat more of the good stuff and see what the power of food can really do.

Thanks Ella.





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