Local Heroes

We all have our local hero cafe’s and tea rooms that we can turn to in our hour of coffee need.  For myself and Mr Tearoom it is The Galley Delicatessen and Coffee House in Cheadle village, Cheshire, run by former Navy chefs Nick and Heather.

Specialising in home baked goods and locally sourced ingredients, The Galley always has a mouth watering selection of cakes and deserts on offer as well as many savoury delights, including my absolute favourite, their homemade sausage rolls.  Plus I can always rely on the coffee.

With recent renovations going on in the tearoom house kitchen, The Galley were literally our food source up until Christmas as we enjoyed pretty much everything they had to offer.  From a deliciously fresh chicken curry and a rich beef stew with dumplings to flavoursome soups and sandwiches.  Amongst the deli staples, including a mean Cornish pasty, there is always something new to try.  They do a heavenly chocolate guinness cake to.

Even with a fully functioning kitchen I find it hard to pass by this delightful deli without popping in for said sausage roll, a pot of super ‘slaw or a trusty Americano.

It may be small but is perfectly pitched in a bustling village such as Cheadle where independent and individuality remain with a thriving butchers, bakers, fishmonger and fresh fruit and veg shops.

Nick, Heather and The Galley staff are friendly and accommodating and make this nautical nook a place you’ll keep on going back to.

The Galley, you’re my hero.  But who is yours?




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