Manchester Christmas Markets

Every year I get excited when the Christmas markets come to Manchester and every year they get bigger and better.  I usually manage a good few visits in order to get my fill of all my favourite foods and plenty of Gluwein!  This year, time has ran away with me and I literally only just got in my first, and last, visit this week before they come to a close on Monday 21st December.  This one and only visit meant that it was a ‘Man V Food’ situation as I worked my way around my top market treats with a serious F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out).

Manchester’s world famous and award winning Christmas markets attract shoppers from all over the UK and beyond.  With over 300 stalls spreading themselves over 10 city centre sites, the markets are buzzing with a huge range of International food, drinks, crafts, gifts, jewellery and more.  It’s the mouth watering range of foodie delights, the mulled wine and festivities that really makes the markets a must see.

So to my food picks, there are plenty but here are a few from my eating extravaganza this week….

  1. Chicken Provencale with garlic potatoes:  This is my go-to dish that I have to have EVERY year, Mr Tearoom loves it to.  You can find the stall on King Street with lots of happy customers munching away around it.
  2. Pie and Mash: It used to be lamb hotpot but this year the stall (found in the original Albert Square market), was replaced with award winning pies that are served with creamy mash, minted peas and lots of gravy.  There is a flavour to suit every taste but its the pastry that will have you wanting more.
  3. Traditional Bratwurst: You cannot visit the markets without getting your chops around one of these famous market staples.  I like the spicy version.  There are quite a few bratwurst stalls dotted around the markets but head for the centre of the Albert Square site near the singing reindeer and you won’t be disappointed.  Smother it in mustard and enjoy!
  4. When it comes to sweet stuff there are no end of options!  Top of my list?  Mini Dutch pancakes.  Straight out of the industrial size pan, with a huge dollop of Nutella and a dusting of icing sugar.  You can also find them amongst the hustle and bustle of Albert Square.
  5. Coconut Macaroons: If I haven’t got any room left in my ever expanding middle then I always take home some freshly cooked coconut macaroons.  The best and most perfectly formed ones are once again in Albert Square.

I could go on…and on!  But if you’re a last minute visitor such as myself then make the most of these last few days and see, smell, taste and enjoy the wonder of the Manchester Christmas markets.



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