Top Five Edible Stocking Fillers

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again and time as always is against me!  In November we can all slightly relax a bit, enjoy the fireworks and feel ever so smug if we’ve bought a couple of Christmas presents already.  Then December descends and the panic and mayhem sets in!  Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas as much as the next person, (although not as much as the Christmas carol playing, santa hat wearing, Muppets Christmas Carol watching, Christmas obsessed Mr Tearoom), but trying to get parked at the Trafford Centre in December does tend to test my Christmas spirit a smidgen.  Bah Humbug!

On the upside I like to shop and I love picking out the right gifts for family and friends.  It may only be the beginning of December but gone are the days when we can all whizz out on Christmas Eve and get everything in one go (or was that just me?).  But if like me you think you’re highly organised and then realise you’re not and have to stuff a couple of satsumas in a stocking to fill it out a bit, here are my Tearoom Top Five food and drink stocking fillers to replace that citrus surprise!  They won’t break the bank and who doesn’t love a little edible treat at Christmas.  You’re never too old for a Cadbury’s selection pack (it’s the only time I eat a Crunchie) but here’s a few other little treats to tempt you….

  1. Squidge Marshmallows.  Flavoursome fluffiness, these are gourmet marshmallows handmade in small batches in Manchester.  With flavours of chocolate hazelnut and salted peanut choc chip amongst others,  who could resist at only £4 a bag.  They also make caramels and mallow-pops to.  Nom nom nom.


2.  Well obviously there has to be a £4.99 personalised tub of Nutella in there somewhere!  Who doesn’t love food with their name on it doh!  If you didn’t get on board with this craze last year, nows your chance to ‘spread’ the love.


3. Christmas Blend Tea:  If you’re a tea lover then you can’t go wrong with the Brew Tea Companies Christmas blend of Clove and Vanilla loose leaf tea.  A pot of this is well worth a treat at £6.95.


4. Hotel Chocolat always has a fine selection of festive sweet treats and recently I helped myself to a taster of their Christmas Mess Selector, boom!  This is white chocolate with cinnamon and cranberry.  If you’re loved one’s not a milky bar kid then try their Mince Pie Brownie chocs instead, both at £3.75.  Or just forget the chocolates and drop a Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka in their for £4 a shot!640022_Christmas-Mess_selector-680x680-2

5. Finally for the hot chocaholic connoisseur are these award winning buttons of joy from the Kokoa Collection.  These are made with real chocolate sourced from the best cocoa beans around the world.  Available by origin from white to extra dark.  Marshmallows and cream optional!


And relax!  Foodie lovers stocking filler or secret santa sorted?  Hope so.



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