Tandem Coffee House

Recently Mr Tearoom and I popped into the Tandem Coffee House on Lower Hillgate in Stockport Old Town, after eye spying it in my copy of the Northern Independent Coffee Guide.  We were a little late for lunch on that rainy old day but who needs it when there is cake, some very nice coffee and Alison to welcome us in! Continue reading


Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

This week has been so wet and wild that the only thing for it was to knock up a tasty autumnal soup to warm those cockles!  This Good Food recipe is packed full of curried flavour and super filling.  Serve this with some naan bread for dipping, lot’s of pepper and a swirl of natural yoghurt. Continue reading

Cup North 2015

This weekend Mr Tearoom and I took ourselves off to the Cup North 2015 ‘coffee party’ at the huge Industrial space that is Victoria Warehouse, Manchester.  Cup North is a two day event with over thirty exhibitors of fine coffee, along with coffee speakers, coffee films, competitions and food.  The event was in full swing when we arrived.  A bustling hub of coffee experts, cafe owners, big wigs, baristas and coffee lovers all entranced by the aroma of brewing beans. Continue reading

Traditional Yorkshire Parkin

Following my tea room rant on baking disasters last week I had to make a culinary come back.  Given that it’s the week leading up to bonfire night I’m trying my hand at Emma Bridgewater’s recipe for traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake.

Since we moved house a couple of years ago I’ve been obsessively buying the Parkin cake from our local bakery.  It was so deliciously sticky I was going back for more at the first sign of diminishing stocks, with the fear of knowing there was a short window of opportunity before it was gone again until the following year.  Then last year my worst fears were realised.  Whoever was making this gingery treacle treat had hung up his (or her) apron and left without so much as a goodbye.  November would never be the same.

I’ve vowed to try and recreate this masterpiece ever since, so when I stumbled across this recipe I had to give it a try.  The downside (for a greedy guts like me anyway) is that you must store this cake for at least a couple of days before you try it in order to let the flavours develop.

You will need: Continue reading