15 Minute Meals?

Mr Tea Room says that I love moaning about stuff, and sometimes you can’t beat a good old whinge about the little things, so what better way to vent than over a steaming brew in My Little Online Tea Room.

First up – 15 minute meals (yeah right).  Last night I decided to try out Jamie Olivers’ sea bass with pea, mint and asparagus mash.  This isn’t claimed to be a 15 minute meal BUT was deemed a super-quick dinner as I watched it come together on This Morning just the other day.  Well, let the rant begin.  15 minute meals only take 15 minutes to cook after you’ve spent a good 45 minutes preparing everything and using every pot, pan and utensil in sight.  Furthermore why do Jamie Oliver’s recipes nearly always involve a food processor?  It surely can’t be to save time as it takes more time to get the thing out of the cupboard and then wash up and put back together all the parts, than it does to whizz up a few ingredients.

Then comes the multi-tasking.  Admittedly this is not one of my strong points.  My Mum always says you must read through a recipe before you start to cook.  I got half way through cooking, didn’t follow my Mum’s advice and was suddenly confronted with frying fish whilst zesting a lemon, overly whizzing the mash and scrunching some greaseproof paper under running water all at the same time.  Cue stress.

So after at least an hour I served up said recipe which was very tasty (don’t get me wrong this isn’t a rant about the naked chef himself, although I do have his 15 minute meals recipe book and haven’t managed to make a meal in 15 minutes yet).  However, what was left in the wake of this ‘super quick and easy meal’ was a mountain of washing up and house smelling of fish.  Aaaargh!


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