Home Sweet Home

It’s the weekend which for many of us often results in some form of DIY, decorating or shopping for various homewares.  Since moving into our little house over two years ago, Mr Tea Room and I have been tasked with the much needed updating and renovating of pretty much the whole house.  Said renovations are still on going but I thought I’d share a few sneak peeks of some of my favourite finds, old and new.  From rummaging in various antiques warehouses and vintage fairs to just bog standard retail shopping along the way.  I love interiors and home accessories, am partial to a cushion or three and always drawn to a cosy throw!  It’s these little things that make our house a home and might one day find their way in to my tea room!


  • What?  My bargain second hand suitcases.
  • Where from?  The Vintage Village, Stockport
  • Why?  These are great for storage or for stacking and putting your coffee on or just for show!


  • What?  Oversized metal dining room clock
  • Where from?  Discovered in Bygone Times Antiques & Collectables Centre, Chorley
  • Why?  I saw something similar in a magazine and loved the idea of having this feature piece.


  • What?  Obviously my teacup candles have taken their place around the house!
  • Where from?  Collected from various local charity shops and lovingly made into candles.
  • Why?  These were table decorations at our wedding earlier this year and now they make a pretty addition to our home accessories.


  • What?  Original classic retro dial phone
  • Where from?  Bygone Times Antiques & Collectables Centre, Chorley
  • Why?  Who doesn’t love an old school telephone!  I love chatting on the old fashioned ‘big phone’ and it adds a pop of colour to the room.


  • What?  Original tile flooring in our hallway
  • Where from?  A vintage find in itself, this is one of the characterful features I love about our house.
  • Why?  This is not something to be covered up or replaced but cherished and enjoyed!


  • What?  A mixture of old and new mirrors in all sizes and shapes that make a lovely feature in the hallway.
  • Where from?  (Left to right)  1. My Nan’s frameless antique mirror.  2. Distressed circular mirror with rose design from Bill & Betty home and gift boutique.  3. Large round hanging mirror from John Lewis.  4. Small rectangular hanging mirror from a tiny shop in Dorset!  5. Antique frameless mirror from the Vintage Village, Stockport.
  • Why?  What’s a house without a mirror wall?  One of them was my Nan’s.  I love having some of her things about the house to remind me of her.


  • What?  Second hand wooden step ladders.
  • Where from?  Bygone Times Antiques & Collectables Centre, Chorley.
  • Why?  For all of those out of reach places!


  • What?  Cook Book Collection
  • Where from?  Any where you can buy books!
  • Why?  I enjoy trying out new recipes and I love books!


  • What?  Vintage Crockery
  • Where from?  This was my Nan’s tea set that she kept ‘for best’.
  • Why?  I love pretty crockery of course, old and new, and coming from my Nan this set is amongst my most cherished possessions.


  • What?  Cushions and throws.
  • Where from?  Top: Hand knitted throw from Cologne And Cotton.  Cushions (left to right): 1. Garden Birds Large Cushion, Cath Kidston.  2. Spot print small cushion, Cath Kidston.  3. Crochet Knit Cushion, Marks & Spencer.
  • Why?  You can never have too many cushions and throws! I like to mix up the textures and patterns.


Happy homewares! xx


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