Gotta Love The Bake Off

Grab a cup of tea, take the weight off and…relax.  The Great British Bake Off is back and all is well with the world again.  There’s something so calming and homely about the GBBO, like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers and watching your Nan whip up a sponge cake.  It’s so reassuring.  This year is no different and once again its a joy to watch the “golden berry” and old blue eyes giving it to them straight about how bland their biscuits are.

The contestants as always include an equal measure of male bakers including the ‘trendy’ one, who this series was first out of the tent.  Then there’s the young female student followed by the old school ‘just like my Mum used to make it’ style baker.  Throw in a yummy mummy and you’re good to go.

And of course it wouldn’t be bake off without Mel and Sue who I love and have done ever since ‘Light Lunch’ (that then became ‘Late Lunch’), and will not hear a word against them, except to say can we try one week where you’re not wearing a blazer?

So to biscuit week we skipped and amongst all the swirly technicals and boxes made of gingerbread there was a little excerpt that brought back fond memories of the Garibaldi and the Bourbon.  Oh how long forgotten are these old friends of ours as we reach for a pack of the posh stuff on the supermarket shelf.  Let’s get back to basics people.  You literally cannot beat a Nice, a Malted Milk or a Jammy Dodger and if its a special occasion let’s crack open the Party Rings!  Whats not to love.

With this fondness for nostalgia in mind, bring on the next dose of GBBO to warm the cockles of our heart as we put on those cosy slippers, sit back with a brew (and a biscuit), and drift off into the lovely world of baking.



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