Vintage Teacup Candles

So everyone loves a candle and now everyone loves one in a teacup!  I noticed this little craze at a Christmas market last year and since then everyones doing them.  But these are so easy to make why pay a fortune just for one when you can do a dozen for the same price.

I liked the idea of these pretty little accessories for the tables at mine and hubbies wedding reception not so long ago, and they looked great!  I made so many that I gave some to friends and family afterwards (they also make for lovely favours), and the rest are prettily dotted about our house awaiting any excuse to flicker away romantically. They would accessorise my tea room beautifully.


Its not rocket science so try your hand at making them.  I bought all different vintage cups and saucers (not necessarily matching) from charity shops etc, ordered a big bag of eco soy wax from eBay along with the wicks (I recommend soy over paraffin as it burns longer and burns cleaner) and away we went.  You melt the wax in the same way you would chocolate over a pan of boiling water to about 170-180 degrees, then poor into the cups.  The wicks should be in the cups already, held in place with two skewers or straws, or something that can rest across the top of the cup. Then leave to cool. You can add colour and fragrance to and it doesn’t have to be teacups to lovingly poor your wax in to.  I’ve seen vintage cocktail glasses transformed amongst others.  So DIY away my friend and light up your life.



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