Smugglers Brew

photo 5

As this is my first post I thought what better way to open my tea room than with a recommendation for my new favourite brew! Recently married, my husband and I went on honeymoon to Cornwall (of course!). We’ve been going to the west country on holiday for years but this was the first time I supped a ‘Smugglers Brew’ from the Cornish Tea Company, and I haven’t looked back. This is a delightfully honest cuppa that is best served as strong as you can handle with a refreshingly big and bold flavour like no other.  You can also enjoy a hot cup of Smugglers from your coffee maker to, with pods fit for a Nespresso machine.  Who says coffee drinkers have more fun?  This tea is a dunkers delight and the only tea for a cream tea.  This tea makes everything better.

So take my word for it tea lovers, get converted to these little bags of joy and get your hands on a Cornish hug in a mug.  This is an everyday brew at its best.


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